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Ketamine Infusion Therapy

What is Ketamine Infusion Therapy?

Ketamine is a remarkably versatile substance. Originally used as an anesthetic, it is now a cutting-edge medication administered by infusion to combat a variety of psychiatric ailments. The drug has been in use since the 1960s as an anesthetic and has a track record of research substantiating its safety. Its therapeutic “off label” use in psychiatric patients began in 2017. For this reason, Ketamine, while FDA-approved as an anesthetic, is not yet FDA-approved for the treatment of psychiatric illness. The major problem this creates is that it keeps the treatment expensive since insurance companies do not yet cover it. Nonetheless, for the patients who have reaped its benefits, it is priceless. At Advanced Ketamine Care, we exclusively provide Ketamine infusions for patients suffering psychiatric symptoms.

What Conditions Ketamine Treats

Ketamine Infusion Therapy had been found to effective in treating:

  • Severe depression
  • Generalized anxiety
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorders
  • Alcohol and Cocaine Use Disorders

In more and more cases, Ketamine is the best option for patients not helped by antidepressants.

Advanced Ketamine Care — Your Best Choice for Ketamine Infusion Therapy in the Chicago Area

Advanced Ketamine Care is a facility focusing exclusively on providing Ketamine infusions in an atmosphere of comfort and calm. Ours was the second outpatient Ketamine clinic established in Illinois and the first one run by a psychiatrist: Abid Nazeer MD who is board-certified in Psychiatry/Neurology as well as in Addiction Medicine. Also, Advanced Ketamine Care became an early member of the American Society of Ketamine Physicians. We are the only clinic in the Chicago area to maintain membership in this national organization. Our office has administered over 500 infusions, all in the context of total mental healthcare. Dr. Nazeer is accompanied by a full-time advanced practice nurse and one full time registered nurse, all of whom provide careful monitoring of patients’ vital signs and mental status during and after treatment.

Now located in Oakbrook, Illinois, our practice is rapidly growing; we are planning to open a second branch of Advanced Ketamine Care in downtown Chicago to meet the increased demand for Ketamine Infusion Therapy. We have had patients who have travelled to us not only from Chicago and its suburbs, but from as far away as from Springfield, Illinois and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As anyone who has suffered intractable psychiatric illness can attest, distance is a small obstacle to overcome when seeking relief. Because there are so few providers of Ketamine infusions in our area, and we are the only center supervised by a psychiatrist, patients are willing to travel many hours to receive the help they desperately need.

Proven Record of Safety

Because Ketamine has been in use for approximately 40 years with an outstanding record of safety, you needn’t be concerned about the safety of receiving Ketamine infusions. Currently, the medication is still used worldwide as an anesthetic, primarily in children. It has a distinct advantage over other anesthetic drugs since Ketamine does not slow down vital bodily functions such as respiration rate. Ketamine can increase blood pressure and heart rate for some patients, but this is a very temporary and transient effect. Ketamine, is considered much safer than traditional anesthetics.

Perhaps even more importantly, Ketamine, when administered by infusion for psychiatric reasons, is administered at much lower doses than when used as an anesthetic. Its side effect profile during the time it has been in psychiatric use is considerably better than that of oral antidepressant medications. All studies so far, performed during the past 10 years, have not shown negative outcomes. As a matter of fact, at Advanced Ketamine Care, Dr. Nazeer reports that he has “never had to stop an infusion due to adverse event or side effect even once.” Because long-term risks are still being studied, a bit more time must elapse before Ketamine receives FDA approval, but that approval is certainly expected.

How Ketamine Infusions Are Administered

If you are considering Ketamine infusions, it is helpful to know exactly how the medication will be administered. Remember that the infusions you will receive are only 10 percent of the dose given for anesthesia and that the medication will be administered over a much longer period of time. While ketamine when used as an anesthetic takes effect in only a few seconds, a ketamine infusion administers the medication very slowly over 45 minutes.

The Experience Itself

At Advanced Ketamine Care we set you up comfortably in a full recliner to have your treatments. Dr. Nazeer and a nurse will be checking your vital signs and giving you reassurance while you undergo the infusion. During the procedure your perceptions will change and your sense of oneness with your body may alter. This is entirely normal and will pass. We have equipped our office to make your infusion experience as pleasant as possible. We have free Wi-Fi, free personal tablets to use, voice-controlled TV and music player, sound silencing machines, blankets, snacks/drinks, and seating for loved ones who want to accompany you.

Because Ketamine treatments last for varying periods of time in each individual patient, we have developed mood-monitoring software to check on each patient each day. This system enables us and the patient to keep track of fluctuations in mood and to know when a maintenance infusion is necessary.

The Results

Positive results from Ketamine Infusion Therapy occur quickly, usually within hours. Patients may experience elevated mood, increased ability to concentrate, improved appetite, sleep, self-esteem, and increased sexual desire. They may be relieved of disturbing suicidal thoughts. A recent study at Yale University demonstrated that Ketamine can re-establish the interrupted nerve connections required to overcome traumatic memories, so PTSD symptoms may lessen as well.

Cost of Ketamine Infusion Therapy

Ketamine treatment can be life-changing, even life-saving. The cost of infusions at our facility covers full psychiatric care, including medication adjustments, psychotherapy, and pharmacogenetic testing/analysis when needed. There are some insurances we can work with to help with the cost of the Psychiatric Treatments associated with Ketamine infusions. Typically we administer 6 treatments at a cost of $3,000 ($500 a piece) and then provide maintenance infusions at $450. Because every patient has an individual response to Ketamine, it is difficult to predict how much you will have to pay for a year of treatment. While one person may require one infusion every 3 to 4 weeks, another may only require one every 6 months. The average patient receives one infusion every 2 months to maintain the positive effects of treatment. Because life events may require changes in dosages, we keep in close contact with our patients.

How much is your mental health worth?

It is impossible to put a price on your health and well-being. When you come to Advanced Ketamine Care, you can expect warmth and compassion as well as expert treatment. If you have been suffering from severe depression or anxiety, and antidepressants are not providing sufficient relief, Ketamine Infusion Therapy may be exactly what you’re looking for. Please get in touch with us by phone or fill out one of the contact forms on our website. We look forward to helping you.